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Sunday, September 12, 2021

Smashwords Freebies... the place is dead

 It's official. No one downloaded a single book of mine for a month on Smashwords. Wow. I remember when I was getting 100+ downloads a month. And now...

All of them are great. Let's do a run-down as to what's there...

TDX2 (Too Dull to Die) - [novella] - about a guy who dies but hasn't done anything (remake of A Christmas Carol)

Alice on the Outside-In - [novella] - a celebration of Alice in Wonderland but inside a computer

All For Love - [novella] - I actually got this published once, sold a few - about how we perceive 'love' in this society - okay, it's a 'murder mystery', that too - and it's written in code with a hidden message for anyone interested

Blue Haze - [novella] - a futuristic society (or is it?) told in the POV of a young boy

Dani's Shorts (1-8) - [short stories] - 8 collections of short stories based on given 'elements'

So, there's a lot to read if you're interested. There are people who like these. Really. In fact, some English teachers have created lessons from them! Anyway... back to book 3...

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