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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Book 4 coming out on 10th December 2021!

The paperback for 'Over Reif and Under' is already out for those who love paper and can give reviews to help the ebook, which will come out on the 10th of December!

It's a strange title, in fact the whole series is strange, isn't it.

Under the Shade of the Sun - how can you be that? 'Shade' in this case meaning 'protection'.

Slaughter Under the Bridge - it speaks for itself, but hey, 'under' seems to be in both titles...

Ascension Under the Stars - again, it speaks for itself, and again the 'under'...

Over Reif and Under - an incredibly strange title. 

Well, book 4 is basically (spoiler)...

... and that's why the title.

If you still haven't started on the journey...

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