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Saturday, November 13, 2021

Latest Promo - I'd say it was a success!

 This latest promo... I would say although I didn't break into fame and fortune and all things great, there were people out there who supported me and bought all 3 books, either on a deal (Shade), or not, (Slaughter and Ascension). A few sales are still coming in, as is some KENP. Ascension got No.1 New Release in one subcategory and Shade was right up there with the Bestsellers for almost a week. Over Reif and Slaughter were also there.

So a BIG THANK YOU for all those who bought the Bohatch Chronicles! Book 4 will be coming sooner than you think! Only one foreword to work out and it'll be ready, probably I'll launch it in December 2021. 

I'm already working on the next series, again set in the same universe, the same timeline, but from the Point of View of another character mentioned in Humanity H2O/Bohatch Chronicles. It's going to be interesting.

If you still haven't started on the journey...

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