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Thursday, December 23, 2021

Bruce Willis! What's going on?!?

Yep, a rant about Bruce Willis!

When I first saw Bruce Willis in Moonlighting, I knew this guy was for bigger things. Then he got into movies and he had some GREAT movies, including the Die Hard franchise (except the last one). The great movies just seem to pile up. Today I went to a list on Wiki to see how many there really were...( 

So MANY films and SO many great ones! But now... 2021... there are 7 movies there. I've watched most of them. They're all terrible. Not just the story, the plot, the effects, the cast, the dialogue, but also Bruce! What's going on with Bruce?!?

Then I checked the whole list, to find where it all went wrong. He started to get a bit wobbly (his acting) after The Astronaut Farmer (a great film) back in 2006 and really hasn't created anything of substance since then. Sure, there's Glass in 2019, but even his role in that seems 'off'. Without the other actors in that film, it would be a rotten tomato. Before 2006, there were some 'okay' acting parts, but you could say that the last good, solid one was Unbreakable in 2000. Tears of the Sun (2003)... no range but almost believable, and Sin City (2005)'s 'pulp', it's meant to be tacky... are passable. Red (2010) and its sequel, seem to be parodies of his earlier tough guy roles, but actually Red is a damn good film... BUT again, saved by the other actors. The fourth Die Hard movie (Live Free or Die Hard) still brings out something in Bruce, but his part in The Expendables films are... expendable.

I enjoy Armaggedon every time I see it. I like watching Live Free or Die Hard when I see it on the TV. And 12 Monkeys is always fun to catch.

But this year's selection? Bruce, please, whatever you're drinking, be it Hell or that other new stuff, put it down and find your old self! I'd love to watch a good 'ol Bruce Willis movie again!

Anyway, enough ranting...

...if you'd like to see what all the fuss is about, Humanity H2O is here...

And the Bohatch Chronicles are here, of course...

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