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Sunday, December 5, 2021

'Over Reif' Countdown...5... 2016!

Thank you to those reading my books right now on KENP! You keep me me going! And now...

  The Over Reif and Under Countdown is now on...2016!

In 2016 my excellent novella All For Love was published by a small publishing house, then I republished it about a year later. It's now FREE on Smashwords. It's a celebration of James Joyce's Ulysses (how?).

One collection of Dani's Shorts Iron Writer stories came out...

And more short stories were published in more collections...( the Writer's Game was actually Volume 2 but it's not available anywhere. The 8 More Fantastic Short Stories No One Gives a F#ck About (which was 6) has the story). Five Murdered Shakespearean Plays is now Six Murdered Shakespearean Plays.

And... if you still haven't started on Bohatch's journey, follow this link...

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