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Monday, April 18, 2022

Promo was GREAT + 5 star for Shade!

Still working on the next book, having to edit and re-edit, etc. until moving on with it.

As for the 8 book promo... thanks for being there (if you were). I sold another load of books and KENP is still trickling through. Maybe someone will read my books who can help them reach a larger audience? Who knows, I might get lucky. And THANK YOU for the 5 star rating on Shade! (Whoever you are!)

Anyway... observation. I went out for a run the other day, the first in a long time. I found a path that was useful and ran down it. There were three teenage guys walking and they nicely stood aside while I ran past. When I said 'thanks', one of them moved as though I'd pushed him. He then screamed, cursed and shouted at me for 'pushing him' and the other two joined in. I continued running because I couldn't believe what they were doing. No one else was around. I could still hear them shouting about a kilometer away. THIS is the world we live in.

So... while you're waiting for the new book, if you haven't started this amazing journey into our future yet (Future? I think you may find... I'll let you make up your own mind) - where have you been? - or wish to continue it, here's the link to Humanity H2O.

And the Bohatch Chronicles are here, of course...

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