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Friday, April 6, 2012, the Lowdown

I've been a part of since December 2011, and initially it seemed like a great site, until I realised its flaws. Ranks and ratings can be manipulated with a little 'cheating' or with no care for the quality of literature you back. Clone books zoom up the ranking as they already have a reader base on the site, and are able to collect backers easier than strange, wacky books such as mine. Saying that, I did reach rank 81 with my 1st, getting stuck behind the 'block' of dead wood waiting for the Editor's Desk. And the comments you receive are homogeneous and rarely different, as the site is only used by a bunch of would-be-authors looking for backers by being over-friendly and using flattery to gain some ground.
Where are da readers at? Goodreads is okay. Jottify could be better.

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