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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Writing - how? Advice 1

I've noticed the posts I write anything about writing seem to get more views, so I'll try to 'keep off' politics, cars and fancy women :-)
So, writing. Is it advice anyone wants?
Advice number 1. Find a  voice.
Since I was old enough to put pen to paper I've tried my hand at writing, but nothing seemed serious enough. A few years ago, I really had a go at writing but again I found that, as hard as I tried to write seriously, it just wasn't happening. Then it clicked. It's fiction. Just write, forget serious. Write with the knowledge in your head and it just pours out. You don't need to write exactly how your experiences happened, just take a piece here, a piece there, and you have a story. If you can ignore the hobgoblins, etc, all of the 1st book is my life. The bits in the 2nd book that aren't from the Bible are also from my life. Yes, the border 'that's not you' thing really happened. Yes, driving down a newly built motorway not opened yet did happen. Yes, opening an enormous energy portal while my body died did happ...okay, so that one didn't :-). Oh, and the serious bit? I completely forgot about it. The seriousness in my writing is below the superficial fun/fiction/story. And it's there, believe me.

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