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Friday, April 6, 2012

Marketing going well?

Finally sent out my last few books from my 2nd order. Now I have no copies, so I'm waiting for some people to ask for signed copies so I can order some more. Self-publishing is difficult. Not only do you need to write good books, you also have to market them. But not much is happening, other than one or two people who want copies.
How can someone be heard in a globalised world like this? I thought making a website (, creating a blog, putting some quizzes on facebook, creating some 'phoney' fb publishing events would create some attention. They did, but not much. 725 people have tried my 'Grim Reaper' quiz, but only 4 have tried the Jesus one. Few friends replied to the events. Two online magazines got back to me about a review, and then went quiet. Twitter only goes out to those who are following...very few. Where can you go to tell the world?? I'm definitely not in this for the money, I worked out I'm making 150 Ft per book, which is about 50 pence. Someone mentioned 'audio book', but who would read it...
Other than this, I'm proud I wrote my books, and that some people have read them. As for those who didn't read them or didn't give the books a few seconds at least, well, you're missing out...

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