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Monday, May 14, 2012

A treat...small part of 3rd book

A treat for the 700th view! Here's most of Part 13, about 5000 words into my new unfinished 3rd book, 'The Rage of Atlantis', with God talking to his personal secretary, Audrey.


God had noticed. And he’d seen that Gabriel hadn’t. Or at least he hadn’t mentioned it. There was a drop, just a slight one, but enough for him to feel it. It hadn’t affected business yet, but if it continued in this manner, then questions would be asked, heads would roll, namely his.
“Audrey?” He clicked through to his personal assistant.
“Yes, sir?”
“Can you switch me through to Main Records, and put it through to my screen?”
“Of course, sir.” It was easier to ask her to do it. There was a certain protocol to run through, and he didn’t wish anyone to know that he was querying something. Tongues might wag. “There you go, sir.”
“Thanks, Audrey.” He already knew that figures were down, there were less souls coming through ‘up above’ in the last few years than before, but only Main Records had other information that was crucial to investigating why. All he had was a list of names and times which he handed to Gabriel to deal with. He knew it wasn’t Gabriel, he was such an industrious fellow.
Looking through the records, it took him only five minutes to see something, something which kept cropping up. “Audrey?”
“Yes, sir?”
“There’s a cause of death here which isn’t familiar to me.”
“What’s that then, sir?”
“Well, there’s heart attacks, strokes, cancer, accidents, toilet seats, the usual, but there’s something else I’ve never come across before.”
“And what’s that then, sir?” Audrey had to deal with God on a daily basis, sometimes it was tiring.
“What’s ‘terrorism’?”
“It’s not familiar, sir…but...hang on, I did hear it’s got something to do with another monkey trait called ‘Polysticks’.”
“Polly sticks? Oh, you mean Politics.” Abstract nouns were still difficult for God. Connecting words to objects was fine now, but words connected to nothing but an idea, that was hard.
“Yes, sir, maybe that’s the one. Yes, yes, I think so.”
“Mmm, Politics.” God thought for a definition. ”The destruction of freedom, enforcing power over selected targets of unnamed masses, profitable only to a chosen few. What has Politics got to do with this ‘terrorism’?”
“I think it’s about death, sir.”
“Well, it has to be. It’s in black and white here on the screen. It’s a cause of death.”
“Yes, sir.”....(continued in the there's 10,000+ words)

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