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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Poetry is where I started out, really. The odd few lines when I was 9, the 'trying-to-get-deep' stuff, it never worked. Now I try nonsense, it works better, deeper than anything else.
I'm not saying it's great stuff, it's just that it's out there to see. Do something. Get interested. Have a go.
Still working on the 3rd book...doing bits here and there, it'll come together soon. :-)

1 comment:

  1. Sestina Table[1][7]

    Stanza 1 Stanza 2 Stanza 3 Stanza 4 Stanza 5 Stanza 6
    1 A 6 F 3 C 5 E 4 D 2 B
    2 B 1 A 6 F 3 C 5 E 4 D
    3 C 5 E 4 D 2 B 1 A 6 F
    4 D 2 B 1 A 6 F 3 C 5 E
    5 E 4 D 2 B 1 A 6 F 3 C
    6 F 3 C 5 E 4 D 2 B 1 A
    The envoy, or tornada,[1] consists of three lines that includes all six of the line-endings words of the preceding stanzas. This should take the pattern of 2-5, 4-3, 6-1; the first end-word of each pair can occur anywhere in the line, while the second must end the line.[8] However, the end-word order of the envoy is no longer strictly enforced.[9]
    1 – Man
    2 – by
    3 – tree
    4 – bethlehem
    5 – fiasco
    6 – rage

    There is no other animal like man,
    Whom you can set the times by.
    Momentarily jumped from a tree,
    Yet caught by a soul from Bethlehem.
    With thousands of years of fiasco,
    It’s a wonder we’re not in forever rage.

    When money and power are all the rage,
    Only one is god and that is man.
    Although he stresses to a fiasco,
    With every step no trouble will pass by.
    No war is there no fight in Bethlehem,
    All is at peace in lake, plant and tree.

    Although man still stands by his tree,
    Time has passed and there is no rage.
    Though there once was a time in Bethlehem,
    When it all came down to but one man.
    Many decades and centuries have gone by,
    It has all been one true fiasco.

    For all this is just a fiasco,
    One which had started from up a tree.
    If only we could have walked on by,
    And not felt the inner deeper rage.
    Then that entity we can call a man,
    Would take a trip to see Bethlehem.

    Such a place is that of Bethlehem,
    Not a thought of any fiasco.
    Until the hand that brought the man
    Climbing down from his ancestral tree
    Also brought those who in a rage,
    Allowed time so gruesomely to pass by.

    The eternal evil and anger by
    People who held in their heart Bethlehem,
    Created such a criminal rage,
    To bring upon us this fiasco.
    Now where can we find that infinite tree,
    Held in high audacity by man?

    So when time goes by, to cause a fiasco.
    Don’t blame Bethlehem, look to the tree.
    As when there is a rage, it is always man.