Sunday, June 26, 2016


This is an example of the 'easy access to guns' argument...

Unfortunately, Strange Musings Press is closing down :-(
All their books will be FREE on ONE DAY soon, so if you'd like a copy of any of their books, especially the one with my short story in, then subscribe to the blog and make sure you're ready to pick a copy up :-)'s time for the Iron Writer Weekend Quickie 185!
Here it is on the site...
And here is my take...Yep! 30 words, 1 sentence!

WQ185 - image above, underestimation, a trivial matter, body language

When I came in I could tell from her body language that it wasn't a trivial matter, and I had underestimated the Post-it 'Oops' note stuck on the front door.

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