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Monday, June 25, 2012

Discount code for'The Rage of Atlantis' (limited time)

Picked up a 'bestseller' tonight, a thriller, Lee Child, 'Worth Dying For'. There was a quote on the back saying if you put down the book after reading the first few pages, then you don't like thrillers. Well, I took up the challenge...I put it down after 1 1/2 pages. Dull descriptive paragraphs to start, and unrealistic dialogue to follow. Who wrote this? A 13 year old pen-up-his-arse ex-soldier?
Read MY thriller...'The Rage of Atlantis'....
If you go to my Createspace eStore (and NOT Amazon), you can buy 'The Rage of Atlantis' at a discount! (for a limited time only)
Discount code - JBGPSAJB   -   $2.00 off!
Remember, it has to be at my eStore
The discount doesn't work in Amazon.

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