Wednesday, June 27, 2012

John Grisham - any takers?

I had a quick look at the first two chapters of Grisham's new book 'The Litigators'. Even the theme is slightly dull. I guess there's a huge market out there for lawyer-related fiction, seeing as there are a lot of lawyers 'out there'. They go to university for half their twenties, get that piece of paper, and then deal with paper and 'bent' truth the rest of their lives. Oh, and get lots of money, of course. That's the point, isn't it?.
Anyway, I digress, the book. Full of description, nice description, though way too much. Waited for some dialogue....chapter 2, there is some hidden among the description. No creativity needed to read a Grisham book, he gives you everything, right down to what shoes the characters are wearing. My brain went numb. In real life, when do you check every detail of a person's dress? The first real dialogue gives a line from a character and then describes what he is wearing. Why? That's not important for the people talking or for the story as a whole....I feel a parody coming on....

"Hello," said the man dressed in an off-white suit with blue and light green tie, and matching dark grey shoes and socks.
"Hello, my, what a wonderful day it is," replied the tramp dressed in scruffy ripped blue jeans and a worn camouflage jacket with sewn on badges and patches. His shoes had holes and no laces.

Me, I'd just write this, give you guys some space...
"Hello," said the man in a suit.
"Hello, my, what a wonderful day it is," replied the tramp.
You know what a man in a suit looks like and how he'll behave. I'm guessing you also know what a tramp is.:-) So what the hell does John Grisham think about you?

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