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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

6th review of 'Man by a tree' YWO

Here's my 6th review of 'Man by a tree' on I've realised that it's like a French comedy, it starts off slowly, no one knows where it's going, then something happens out of the oridinary, and the story runs off at such a peace you don't know where you are!
Anyway, here's the review, the guy gave me: 44443432...yes, 2 for themes and ideas! ridiculous! Do you know how many themes and ideas there are in 'Man by a tree'? Hundreds!! Anyway...

"As a read I found it enjoyable and I smiled several times, I think that is one of your strong points so keep writing in a similar vein as comedy is definitely the hardest genre to master.
I wonder if this would be more suited as a short story? part of a collection of fantasies - but thats just my personal thought.
There are obviously a lot of future events to develop, such as what did Kailen type, what will happen to the musician etc and it's always difficult given the word allowance to showcase a story. But there is enough going on to keep the reader's attention
Mostly 4's and good luck with the book sales !"

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