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6th review of 'Rage' from

Here's the 6th review of  'Rage of Atlantis'. The 5th review was the lowest rating, so that'll have to go once I've got a few more...

"A lot of fun with serious undertones
In general – This is very well written. The pace is fast and keeps going. Clues are dropped subtly at exactly the right moment and that make it compelling to read on. I love the quirkiness. God’s assistant is Audrey. Great.
Beginning “hook” – The beginning is really exciting and gives the reader a lot of tantalising information. I must know more.
Story – I could keep the groups of characters apart and follow and become excited by the subplots. One missing element was who or what the “souls” are. I can project my idea, but I felt an emptiness of hints and clues.
Showing and telling – The story is shown very vividly. Again, good writing.
Character – I like the variety of names. Greekish names for one group; God and his crew another; Kang Dee is different again in what it evokes (and her kids are so funny). The groups are distinguished well, which is an achievement. I am unconvinced by dolphins being involved in the way you say because of my stereotype of dolphins. I am more engaged with the story than the characters. I haven’t specially connected to any of them and I miss that.
Setting –I wanted more colour, feeling, smell. This is the only area I can suggest development. I didn’t need a lot. After I’d read the text I realised I couldn’t “see” it.
Scenes – Again, really good. Concise. Each moved the story along. This is an achievement.
Dialogue – Good. Serves the story and the characterisation really well.
Language – Good and serves its purpose. Two speeches felt long: Oediouspelus and Kailen’s tirades. Perhaps I miss a certain richness of metaphors and similes – and perhaps they are not part of what you are writing which is more about action. (I hope this vagueness is a little bit helpful.)
I deeply wish you well with this."

That '2 star' from the 5th...%/?+*!

Story (plot)
Pace & structure
Use of language
Narrative Voice
Themes & ideas

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