Friday, August 17, 2012

More from the new novelette

At over 5000 words now, and it's going well, though probably won't go any further than 7-8000. That size is okay for a 1 POV short story. Graham Reader (Grim Reaper) is there, so is Peter, God, Audrey, and Mavis. Some of the 'Christmas Carol' type memory flashbacks are 'sad', but there are still laughs to be found in them.
Here's another excerpt. Guido is asking Mavis for a drink. Graham is holding a Re-entry form...

“Excuse me, do you have any water? I’m dying of thirst.”
“Is that meant to be a joke?”
“Sorry? No, no, really, I need a drink.” Mavis kept her eyes on Guido as she poured him a small glass of water from her own supply.
“Here.” Guido took the water and started drinking.
“Ah, a Re-entry form.” It was a tatty piece of A5 paper with a list typed on it. “What do you do with it?” With a tut, Mavis explained the process to Graham.
 “Choose which experience you wish to deal with. If you find some of credit, circle it on the paper, if not, cross it off.”
“Ah, technology today.” Graham tried to hand the paper over to Guido.
“No, Graham, you’re in charge. You’re doing it.”
“Oh, right. Have you got a pen?” She begrudingly handed him over a pen.
“I want that back when you’re done with it.”
“Oh, and here’s your titty.” She blew a large layer of dust off a small circular device she found on a shelf and passed it to Graham.
“Long time since I’ve had my hands on one of these.” Guido sprayed his last gulp of water all over Graham.
“Sorry? What? Tittie? Excuse me? What’s that?” Graham took out a handerkerchief and wiped himself down.
“Well, with this we’ll be going back in time in your life, well, what you can remember of your life, but it has a limit.” Graham showed Guido the time device. “It’s called a Time-Travel Timer, a TTT, a’titty’. It allows us to travel through your memory and see what you experienced.”
“So choose wisely.”
“Ha, ‘tittie’. That’s a laugh.” Guido was starting to have a good time ‘up above’.
“We have to have some around here. Are you ready?”
“I’m not going anywhere, I’m dead.”

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