Tuesday, September 11, 2012

And another great comment for 'Rage'

They keep coming...this one from someone in who's already met my writing in 'Bethlehem Fiasco'.

I came in to this read with certain expectations - and I was not disappointed. Despite the fact that poor Telausis meets a sticky end, speared and blown to bits, your quirky storyline immediately captivates the attention, and the sardonic humour absolutely shines, just as in The Bethlehem Fiasco. It is done with such a light but deft touch, so that the prose just races along and carries us with it, without the humour ever feeling forced.
For example, from the use of Ivor Tickonme and Arthur Greenwire just after we are told of the bomb, to ‘shuffling in fluffy slippers’ - you take us from the sublime to the ridiculous quite effortlessly, and it’s just lovely. And then we get to meet god, his assistant and his morning coffee in chp 2 - just as I’d hoped and expected. There was no way that I was not going to read on to chp 3, and again, I’m glad I did, because now I can’t wait to find out how Sipho and Kang Dee are going to deal with the threat from the unseen enemy.
Your writing is accomplished, fresh, and highly entertaining.

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