Thursday, September 20, 2012

My preference...

I've had to read a few short stories for a course recently, some classics from Woolf, Forster and DH Lawrence. All three were fantastic, though a acquaintence said otherwise (of course).
Woolf's 'The Mark on the Wall' is so good...but not my preference. I found it way too 'greasy', if I had written something in that style...I did, many years ago, and I deleted it. I couldn't read it, I couldn't 'see' myself in it. Woolf is damn good, though.
EM Forster's 'Road from Colonus', now there's a great thing. Still, not my preference, a little too 'smooth', but fantastic back story of Greek tragedy gone wrong due to non-awareness of others.
Now, DH Lawrence 'The Rocking-Horse Winner'...much more my thing in terms of style, though it felt quite dated with the language, and so so predictable. Terrible endline, too, but a great story of a well-to-do family living on hard times.
So, my preference? I read a few chapters of my 3rd book after reading these. Isn't it great when you like your own stuff? Sometimes I think where did it all come from? How did I do that? And my new novelette...still waiting on some 'reaction' from the competition. Probably nothing - who goes for comedy fantasy?
Of course, my writing style is NOTHING compared to these GIANTS in literature, but this shows I'm such a fussy reader. I bow to their memory.

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