Friday, November 9, 2012

Waiting for Godot Stoppard influence

Yes, I knew Waiting for Godot was a huge influence on my 3 books, but I've started reading it again (not far in), and the influence is so obvious.
First, the genre. The Theatre of the Absurd...says it all really...repetitions, clich├ęs, a sense of 'nothing'...
Second....a Tragicomedy....all books run this line, with my extra of a happy/not-so-happy ending to give a sense of closure.
Third, there are direct lines which say it all...
"People are bloody ignorant apes"....well, there ya go, in all the books...
"...we had to the tree"....two people waiting by the tree....'Man by a tree'...yet another reason why the title.
I'm sure once I go further into the play (yet again), I'll find more and more comparisons and connections, as I luv this genre. I'll keep you posted.

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