Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I write plays?

Finally, a comment on 'Too Dull to Die' from someone on The comment really beings home what I've suspected for quite some time now, that I write scripts or plays, and not books, in the sense of the classic 'descriptive narrative'. Re-writing Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream for the kids at school got me thinking that way too, and even when I was directing it, helping them with them with their all made me think I'm a playwright more than an author. So, still working on 'Rage' script, and have a little of 'Bethlehem Fiasco' in script, too. I must finish all 3 books as scripts/plays sometime...
Anyway, here's the comment :-)

Hi Dani, I like the story, someone who is as lost dead, as he probably was living. It is easy to read and fast paced, a little too fast paced perhaps. I think it reads too much like a play, interspersed with a few stage directions. Which is fine if it is a play! Now, I am not someone who could be bothered to wade my way through pages and pages of descriptive rubbish, I mean if a killer has crept in to murder someone in their shower, who cares what the bathroom looks like? But perhaps a little view of what 'upstairs' was like, or a bit of back story - how did he die? Where abouts did he live, to be able to live such a banal life? At the end of chapter four (as far as I got) it states 'there was so much detail...' I will read on, of course, just to see what happens, for despite what I have mentioned, I believe that overall, it is the story that counts!
Good Luck with it...

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