Monday, December 3, 2012

Swearing and the Swear Free Zone

I think I got called a 'dopey cunt' by a Christian Celeb on twitter, though I'm not sure because he didn't @ me. How completely Christian of him to attack someone (maybe not me, maybe someone else) who has different views to him. Plus he said 'whoever' writes 'anti-religious stuff', which if he was pointing at me, then he's wrong on that count, too. Religions, or the faith they can create are good for you, but the organisations which control them and the followers are corrupt and always will be. 'Anti-establishment stuff', yes.
I have a 'Swear Free Zone' label on all my books, not because I'm against swearing, I swear all the time, but because the books don't need swearing in them. They might also make other people with strong beliefs attack my books just for those words. There's enough in the books to attack, let alone on that count. But wouldn't the world be a better place without the NEED to swear. Unfortunately, there are idiots everywhere (including ourselves) and there are always situations in which people swear.

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