Saturday, December 22, 2012

Talking female dolphin heroine

Working hard on the movie script for 'Rage' at the moment. Looking good. And of course, getting ready for Christmas. It's surprising that no one wants a Jesus book for Christmas, especially mine :-(  (Bethlehem Fiasco)
My 1st and 2nd books were heavy on male characters, with only a few female ones, so for my 3rd I wanted a female heroine...and I got one...I guess...but she's a dolphin. Why?
1: I thought a dolphin character would be good, considering it was set in Atlantis, always connected to water, that legend, plus it gave an angle on the prejudice/different races theme.
2: I thought dolphins were loved by all...I guess not.
And why a female dolphin? Because when I tried to write a female human, I didn't feel it was 100% true, but a female dolphin was possible. I'd have to live my life as a girl to really get into a female human character...Did I become a female dolphin, then?....Only for a while :-) (Rage of Atlantis)

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