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Thursday, January 24, 2013

4th book Extract 1...

Now 80 downloads for TDX2, I was hoping for 100+, who knows, but I've really squeezed the networks I know to get that.
I now have 55 + votes from 59 for Austin Briggs 55 word story competition, thanks to my friends. Unfortunately, the votes aren't the only thing which he judges by. The judgement criteria includes votes BUT the final decision comes from how awesome he thinks your story is. Maybe no 55 dollars. I really needed the money. It's a good story, so much back-story to it. The guy thinks the baby is his, but who knows? Only the girl. But he's so big-headed he thinks it must be him. Anyway, fingers crossed.
The 4th book...based in Budapest, with a ton of historical facts behind it. Read an extract from Chapter 1...

If this wasn't far enough, then he didn't know what was. Out in the middle of nowhere, far from any living man, creature or tree, days from his last encounter with any kind of settlement, Rihat began to dig. Stopping only to listen to the faint sounds on the breeze, he dug deeper under the light of the moon and the stars. With a distant howl of a wolf, Rihat protected his precious cargo, an instinct bordering on paranoia. His Master had told him to run like the wind, run as far and as fast as he could, allow no one to take or touch the item which he carried, and hide it for all eternity, away from the imminent destruction of the temple in the holy city, away from the hearts and minds of all humanity...
Rihat abruptly stood up in his now 3-foot deep hole. He looked around, scanning the open plain lit up by the moon and saw no one. After some moments of silence, he began digging in earnest once again, thinking it was only his mind playing tricks.
A second sound. Someone was here, or were they? Was that a word he'd heard? It was from no language he knew. He'd been roaming north now for well over 3 weeks, it could be anything.
Rihat was sure that was Greek. He knew a little Greek, Stavros was his name.
That was Rihat's language.
"Hello! What ya doing?"
There was someone else in this open plain. Jumping out of his hole, Rihat grabbed the sack containing his heavy burden, started running into the night, and tripped into another larger and much deeper hole. On landing, he heard the snapping of wood and knew it wasn't.

"You wanna watch that. Oh dear. Are you alright?"

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