Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Sale! Let's have a party!

Yes, finally got a Kindle sale of 'Rage of Atlantis' (rank #183,280 in the Kindle store) yesterday from a fellow author on Twitter, Melodie Ramone. Visit her blog and find out about her book 'After Forever Ends', which is quite high in the ranks (#37,229) other 2 books are still well over 1 million somewhere. Well, I didn't make any money, but now another person will read my 3rd book - hopefully. I'm actually a little stressed as to what she'll say about it, she mentioned she'd review it! 

A NEW interview is coming too! On January the 8th. Nothing special, but only my 2nd so far! This one is about marketing my 3rd book. Will post the address up on that day... 

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