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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Over 5000 views! :-)

This blog has NOW had over 5000 views! Cool! Thanks to those who care and Mr. Briggs :-)
I got a bunch of views from the Netherlands the other day, I wonder who you are...
I'm at 15,000 words on the new book (some important essays have slowed me down) ...I'm also at a crossroads with it...getting a 'new' direction with the plot.
I have my 2nd try for 55 dollars on Austin Briggs site, at 24+ votes after 46!! That site has been hit by a lot of negativity!
My 1st short story is still Number 1 'ever' there :-), now at 72+ after 84
And my FREE ebook has been downloaded 106's tricky to get people to get something free, huh? Should I offer something else with it? Money, perhaps?

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