Wednesday, February 6, 2013

TDX2 + Fashion

TDX2 (Too Dull to Die), my free ebook (here on finally went over 100 downloads! Yeah!
It's unbelieveable how hard I had to work to get those last 25 or so! This is what it's like to get someone to read a book!
I also got a new comment in
I loved the dialogue. When I first started chapter one, some of the narrative sections felt like they could use some firming up. But as I went down to the conversation between Guido and Graham, I was drawn in to the story by the clever dialogue and fun and original details. At some points, the rhythm was spot on and it flowed exceptionally well. 

You know, I've read so many free ebooks in the last few weeks, it hurts. All of them were terrible. I found myself reading my OWN free ebook to alleviate the pain. I also read so many starts to books by self-published authors on that my eyes bled from puffed-up descriptions and poor unrealistic dialogue. But these books had so many 5* reviews! These authors have tons of friends willing to lie / money to pay semi-professional reviewers.
The more I see of the literary market, the more I believe that it is the worst type of fashion. Who cares whether it's 'good' literature or not, it's a superficial subjective thing, all that matters is 'who is reading this book, what do they think of it, do I follow them'? All you have to do is look at '50 Shades' to see that.

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