Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Manna-X comments :-)

Got a comment from Su Dan on authonomy 'Manna-X' -  
"interesting book - great narrative, and full use of dialogue - works well indeed..."
I might be able to use this for the back cover :-) Thanks, Su Dan, and 'Seasons', that's a nice book you got there.
And another from confused comment from 'cowgurl4Jesus8912', I'll put the best bit up here... 
" I did find it a little hard to follow...But as I continued to read it became easier for me to figure out and understand. While not my cup of tea I do think there are those out there who would really enjoy this story. On a positive note, I liked the 1st chapter you drew me in and made me curious as to what Rihat was doing. I also found the part where the Dob's were walking around trying to eat, figure out their device to be quite humorous and entertaining."

Still reading 'Escape', nice read, very relaxing. Had a look at it's reviews on Amazon, and I couldn't believe it. Out of 16 reviews, 4 were 2-star and there was even a 1-star! The 1-star was from a guy who only loves a certain style of the genre and he gives 3 or 1 stars to anything not in that. I hope I don't get guys like him (but no one can be safe from them).
Why do people give 1- or 2-star reviews? Do they want people to fail? Do they get a kick out of it? I'd better not say anything more...when I mentioned something about 'negative voting' on Austin Briggs' site, my 3rd story dropped straight down :-(

But it looks like 'Manna-X' is getting the right feedback, and it's no way near finished or polished yet :-)

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