Thursday, April 4, 2013

God versus King Solomon 'Manna-X' excerpt

Wrote about 2000 words of 'Manna-X' today, including God versus King Solomon. Here's just a part of that encounter...:-)

"Whatever. Have you got the Manna-X or not?"

"Got. Along with some other stuff." Solomon looked dejected and opened the door. "Follow me."

 The small square golden room dimmed in comparision with the secret expanse behind the hidden door. Masses of jewels, coins and ingots of precious metals were piled high, some touching the great hall's beautifully muraled ceiling some 20 metres up. Lying here and there were an assortment of crowns and treasures, and chests filled with jewellery of all kinds.

"Nice, isn't it?"

"What is this place?"

"My collection, my treasure."

"Really? Nice."

"But my real treasures are over here." Solomon motioned God to follow him over to the right, to a small area cornered off from the sparkling world around it. "Over here."

God recognised a few of the artifacts sitting on display.

"Oh, isn't that...?"

"Yes, the Golden Lyre of Sumeria. And over there are the Aye-aye skinned bongos of Kush."

"Lovely." God gave the lyre a pluck, closely followed by a blow on a golden kazoo right next to it.

"Careful! That's the sapphire and diamond encrusted kazoo of Quetzalcoatl! Put it down!" God opened his mouth and let it fall back next to the lyre. There were more things here than just sacred musical instruments. There was Joseph's Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, a bit faded now, probably left out in the sun for a few centuries. Not so technicolor anymore, more two-colour. And Noah's rudder, big and strong, even with a bite in it from some ancient predator who couldn't find a pair. There was even a bottle of Samson's shampoo, mango fruit, of course. Solomon started to introduce his collection as the proud owner of all.

"Nice stuff."

"Stuff?" Solomon moved on, down the display, past books and documents. God read a few titles off the spines, The Idiot's Guide to Mummification, 1001 recipes for Lentils, How to build a Pyramid in 100 easy steps, and of course the best seller, Things you mustn't say to your de-throned mother-in-law. Solomon noticed God's interest. "I have The Old Testament, too, in many versions. Maybe you can tell me which one is the original?" God laughed.

"Hey!" God stopped at a set of books which included astrology, astronomy, ecological substance development, mathematics and quantum physics. "You've got The Olmecian Almanac!"

"Yes, I had to save up a lot of stamps for those. These…" Solomon pointed to a small collection of toys. "These are the pinnacle of my collection. You can forget all the gold and jewels, these are the real sacred treasures."
"They're toys."

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  1. Actually, you have given a long description here, which is pretty unusual from you....:) But I like it. :)
    Get well soon (you or your daughters)