Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Manna-X update - almost done editing

Russia, USA, United Kingdom, Serbia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Canada, France, Poland, Macau, Hungary, Germany, Ukraine, Turkey, China, Sweden, United Arab name a few more countries this blog has got views from this week! 
The Big 5 are of course, USA, Russia, UK, Hungary and Germany... with the Netherlands, Ukraine, France, Poland the Top 10.
News? Well, I've polished 'Manna-X', re-writing the acknowledgements piece and working on the amendments from my beta-readers. I'm really excited about this 4th big book of mine. It has everything I wanted in it, and what I feel as a fantastic end line which sums it all up...on many different levels, personal and philisophically and (blah blah blah) :-)~ I never really like getting too deep when describing my writing.
All I can say is that my books are screenplays for the mind....Hey! That's going in the acknowledgement!
And after this latest 'polish', I can say that this is my best 'all-rounder'.

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