Friday, May 24, 2013

Beta-reader feedback on Manna-X

Last night I went to my kid's piano recital...her piece was 2 minutes long. It was good, I like music. Doug from 'Man by a tree' is me, except that I didn't (spoiler alert) and didn't (another spoiler alert) and I certainly didn't (yet another spoiler alert).
AND I got my first beta-reader's feedback! He compared my book to 'Big Trouble' by Dave that can't be bad...well, after looking at the Amazon page and watching the movie, I think that perhaps he meant 'roughly'...anyway, he only said great things about it! Caught a few good typos, too.
Another beta-reader is also running through it and highly praising it. I think I have a winner.
If the readers realise it's on the internet.
I'll have an article on Robbie Cox's blog 'The Mess That Is Me' ( in a week or two, I'll post the link as soon as it's up! All for exposure...

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