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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Not asking for flattery!

Am I upset? No.
Am I asking my readers to 'flatter' me with good reviews on Amazon? NO.
All my readers have said only GOOD things about my books, either on other websites or by personal communication. All I'm asking is that a few of you go just one more step...I know some of you already have, and I thank you for that!
I am not a published writer, I don't have a group of editors, agents and a large team of marketing personel pushing me on the internet and in shops (even if I were in the shops). They do exactly what I'm asking from readers, to help the 'push'. When a new book comes out, they already have dozens of readers ready to review the book and give it some exposure, before it's even in the shops. They have interviews set up, reviews ready for literary's big business.
Anyway. If you can, please review on Amazon :-) If you can't, just read and enjoy :-) That's what it's all about, anyway!

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