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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Challenge 15 + Crome Yellow (Aldous Huxley)

Challenge 15 is up! Please read and cast your vote - for Dani J Caile, of course :-) 
It would be so nice to win again!

The other day I ordered an old-of-print book for my partner in an antiquarian down the road and found a ton of English books. It was a treasure trove. With my lunch money I bought a 1937 copy of Aldous Huxley's 1st book 'Crome Yellow'. I have to be careful when turning the pages because they crumble away.
It's extraordinary, it's wonderful. I love the book - and I haven't even finished reading it yet. I thoroughly recommend it! So wry and witty! (for those who can't find one in print)

...oh yes, and please vote :-) (see above)

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