Thursday, June 13, 2013

Random 'Manna-X' excerpt 2 - page 74

Well, this is 'random' excerpt number 2, part of page...74 of 'Manna-X'!
I was able to put things in this book I thought I'd never be able to put in a book. But I did :-)

“Good, good. We are keeping up with them, whatever they are doing, and one step in front of the others. Ah, it's better to be ahead.”
“Much better to be a whole body,” said Lucifer under his hood.
Satan was getting tired of these jibes from Lucifer. Why couldn't he stare in his mirror as he usually did and be quiet. A little light bulb flickered on in his head, went out, flickered, out again, then burned intensely until the filament went 'pop'. A new bulb was put in.
“Luci, my dear, you are a genius!”
“A genius! A head! Come with me!” Satan took Lucifer by the hand, perhaps for the first and last time ever in physical infinity, and tugged him through the bar to the double doors at the back which led to the offices, laboratories, torture rooms, baths and dog grooming parlours.
“Heads, dear boy, heads.”
“Yes, it's good to have one. On the neck is a good place.”
“Mmm, some people are not so fortunate, as you will see.”
Lucifer never liked going into the backrooms with Satan, he couldn't be sure what he'd find.

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