Friday, June 14, 2013

Random 'Manna-X' excerpt 3 - page 145

This seems to be popular, posting 'random' pages - look, really, they are random. Take this one, for example, typical plot moving page.
Page 145...:-)
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"Where am I?" Alicia's words came out before she opened her eyes. Once open, she was staring straight at the rooftops of a city through a wall to wall window in a small studio apartment.
"Ah, you're back. Want tea?" Graham was sitting at the table in his open plan kitchen cum living room, inspecting Alicia's necklace and pendant.
"Where am I?" By the looks of it, she was in this man's apartment. A strange man's apartment. A dream come true, but not the way she'd imagined.
"This is my place, not much but it makes do."
Alicia sat up on the sofa. Nice flat, shame about the face. She slapped her hands on the cushions to get Graham's attention.
"Look, I...I...what...who...who are you? What do you want? Why am I here?"
"That's a lot of questions. My name's Graham."
"Yes, that I do know." Ordinary face, ordinary name. "Why am I here?"
"Because of this. Or rather what it leads to."
"My head hurts."
"It would. Monk...humans aren't meant to go through portals, least not live ones."
"Portals. I sent you through two...well, three to get here. They're not exactly healthy for physical beings."

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