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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

An interview with my daughter??? Manna-X

Had a strange few minutes the other day. My daughter came up to me and asked me a few questions and it felt like an interview...
Daughter: What you doing?
Me: I'm checking typos in my new book.
Daughter: What new book?
Me: Manna-X. My latest reviewer said he found a few things, I'm just checking them out.
Daughter: What is it about?
Me: ...good question.
Daughter: You don't know?
Me: know you like Kinder Surprise?
Daughter: Yes. Can I have one?
Me: Later. Well, what happens when you get one?
Daughter: I open it up. [Other daughter] eats the chocolate and I get the toy. Is there one in the drawer?
Me: No. And then?
Daughter: I have a toy. What's in the drawer?
Me: Not much. Then what do you do with it, the Kinder toy?
Daughter: I play with it.
Me: For about 2 minutes, yeah.
Daughter: Daddy, can we go to the playground? kinda broke off after that but the point is...[spoiler]...and in 'Waiting for Godot'...[spoiler]...and in 'Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead'...[spoiler], if you're intrigued to know the connection, maybe you should read 'Manna-X' and see it for could change the way you see things :-)

Another great 5 star review coming :-) ...soon...

1 comment:

  1. That was really cute!
    I hope they got the Kinder Surprise! :)