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Sunday, August 18, 2013

8th Fantastic review of 'Manna-X'

This review is from Tony Rand Scott, a fellow sci-fi writer - he's very very good :-)
And again, Adams is mentioned through Hitchikers :-)
Come and read the other reviews here. Perhaps even get the book (which will be free 21+22+23 August).

Format:Kindle Edition
What if God was an entity know as Reginald? What if he had accidentally given a mortal "monkey" the most powerful object in the universe, and then had allowed him to "borrow" it for a while. When the Overlords arrive for an inspection, ready to fine Reginald for requesting a code 237-Manna-X and wanting to check on it, he realizes he must get it back;if he can find it. Thus the race to find the Manna-X begins. Add Moses and the big misunderstanding at the burning bush, Graham Reader more commonly known on earth as the Grim Reaper, the underworlds version of Abbott and Costello in Satan and Lucifer with their Keystone Cop -like hobgoblin henchmen, a romance starved Librarian named Alicia with a serious case of brother envy,the egnimatic Zir, and the Overlords themselves, Bob's 1 through 4 , who come down to "physicality" and have to struggle with the age old issues of hunger and fist to cuffs. Often irreverent, always entertaining, Manna-X will draw you into its amusing and amazing story reminiscent of Douglas Adams, but it will keep you riveted with its original and quirky universe and characters. If you like the Hitchhiker series, you will love this book.

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