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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day 2 of 3 'Manna-X' FREE promotion UPDATE

Got a few more downloads, but the best numbers of the day were...
#11 in Literature Fiction > Humor
#2113 in the Kindle Store (free)
If I knew how to work the system, 'Manna-X' would've got in the Top 10, probably...
#6 in Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Contemporary (estimated from #2113 rating)
I also got a 'sale' in Germany, the 'Trilogy' (wish I'd updated it now...!)...a book I think I'll take off for a while until I can edit it properly, it has old versions of the 1st 3 books.
Will try to put Taz's picture on Reddit again today (without the imbedded text, as they are now banned).
I'll also tweet a bit, fb a bit and see if I can reach anymore 'milestones'....:-)
Some reviews coming too...
...and 'Dani's Shorts'...
UPDATE: Actually, just found out I would've got #3 in Humor&Entertainment>Humor>Comedy, and #5 in Lit&Fiction>Fantasy>Alternative History!!!!) Fantastic, huh? Will update the system once the promo is over and once I figure it out!

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