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Saturday, August 31, 2013

FREE promotion days + UPDATE

I've finally had a look at the 'Promotions Manager' thingy on Amazon properly and it shows I have 5 free days on EACH book. So expect some free days on all the books.
I will be holding a MASSIVE FREE  2 day promo when all my other books (except Manna-X) on October 14th and 15th because I have a special post on EI Jenning's website on October 14th, promoting all my books. So if you want to read ALL of my books and you haven't had the opportunity yet,
I will, however, be holding promo days before then, as soon as I can enter details  into some free ebook websites.
Working on my next book...:-)
Just looked at Smashwords, people are still downloading 'Dani's Shorts' AND 'TDX2'...SUPER!
Also looked at who's hitting the blog...this month the UK didn't even get into the Top 10!
1. the USA (good on ya)
2. Hungary (yeah!)
3. Hong Kong (??:-))
4.Russia (спасибо)
5. Poland (??:-))
6. Latvia (!!:-))
7. China (I didn't even know they could do that!)
8. Ukraine (:-))
9. France (merci!)
9. South Korea (well...:-))

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