Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bethlehem Fiasco 1 day promo 6th Sept

Yes, I'm putting 'Bethlehem Fiasco' ebook on a 1 day FREE promo.
There seems to be a lot of hits on 'Beth's reviews ATM, so let's see just how many really would like to read the book :-) And reviewing it would be nice.
I'll post on the day...that's 6th September...this Friday.
I'm keeping up with the Iron Writer Challenge, always good to practise, BUT I've started 2 other book projects...yes, two! One is an 'Inspector Brad Shaw' comedy investigation, the other is a 'Dark Medieval' comedy piece. So, still writing :-)
'Dani's Shorts' is still being downloaded, now with a NEW cover (and working menu :-))

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