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Saturday, September 14, 2013

'Rage' free promo results!

The free 'Rage' promo has now finished :-(... I didn't have much of a chance to promote it in the last 1/2 day of the two, but it did quite well, and I also had a few sales, which put up my 'ranks' on Amazon's author central :-)
Almost 80% of the free downloads of 'rage' were on, but the UK, Germany, France(!), Italy, India and Canada did their bit, too. Thank you to everyone who downloaded :-) I hope you read it and also it? :-)
Here are the rank results from the 'Rage' free 2 day promo...(the best ranks) - #1,985 (#91 Fantasy>Paranormal & Urban) - #1,771 (#31 Fantasy>Contemporary) - #1,787 (#47 Fantasy & SciFi>Fantasy)

With the surprise sales...
Manna-X on - #198,592
Beth Fiasco on - #198,634 

And overall...
Author rank - #112,624
Books - #78,963
Kindle - #44,498
Kindle/Lit+Fic - #15,893
Science Fiction - #5,159
Science Fiction/Fantasy -  #2,179

So, I think a good few days...could be better with some advertising but who's got that money? One day...

'Dani's Shorts' is still free...:-) Spread the word!

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