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Sunday, November 3, 2013

How to write (basic outline)

Thought I'd do a post on this, some basics, kind of like a computer program...remember, anyone can write, it's just a case of whether you can write anything 'good'...

1. Write something.
2. Read it. Did you puke? If you did, go to 20
3. You didn't puke? Wait until tomorrow...
4. It's tomorrow. Read it. If you puked, go to 20
5. So you thought it was pretty good? Go to 10
6. Rewrite what you wrote earlier.
7. Is it any good now? If so, go to 10
8. Ah, so it sucks? But it didn't make you puke? Mmm, let me think...
9. Stop fooling yourself, go to 20
10. Place your writing somewhere, jottify, WeBook, wherever you can get feedback from strangers.
11. Was the feedback good? If not, go to 1
12. Okay, so you might have something...
13. Write some more
14. Read it. Did you puke? If you did, perhaps the first was a fluke, so go to 20
15. Try writing in another genre or style, or take a writing challenge, ie. Iron Writer or Writers Write prompts.
16. Read your writing. If it was good, write more, go to 18
17. It wasn't good? Pick the best, they are your writing styles, and stick to them until you feel you can extend yourself to others.
18. Go write a book and market the shit out of it.
19. Sit back and dream...
20. Live your life. Go back to 1 when you feel like picking up a pen.

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