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Saturday, December 28, 2013

The end of another year...goodbye 2013 :-)

It's been a long year. So many things happened there's absolutely no way I could even begin to describe them. But the way self-publishers 'use' Amazon, that's truly disgraceful.
And now a new year is about to begin. What will it have in store for you, for me, for anyone?
For myself, 2 new books will come out in about 3 months, 'Dani's Shorts 2', a continuation of 500 and 200 word Iron Writer stories, and 'How to' - will I ever finish it??? Sorting out the last 25% now, hopefully will have that 1st draft soon and add things, edit, etc.
Having fun with The Iron Writer, though. I'm in the Winter Open (3 out of 3!). I'll post about voting :-) You can be sure of that!

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