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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tiny Little Steps

Each tiny little step forward brings you closer to your goal.
I wrote up TIW's 4 elements in an implied 10 word sentence for a laugh, and now it'll be used as an example in a presentation/workshop in the USA in June sometime. Cool. Here it is...'He tutted as she stood there in a mini skirt' - it has judge, victim, conservative and liberal all in there. And only 1 more day and we'll see if I can get into TIW Winter Open Final...unless there's a last minute spree of votes for someone else...
I've also completed a 3000+ word story for a '50s horror movie' anthology celebrating the genre (you know, those cheesey cheapo USA movies). I wonder if it'll be accepted (?), what with its cardboard characters, confused female and last moment hero, with the usual cheesey action and the essential 'lots of information given to make the movie stay within budget limits' dialogue.
'How to' is slowly getting closer to skeletal form...etc,etc
Putting on a 100 word piece on TIW relay 1 soon, still don't know how to do that but hey...

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