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Sunday, February 9, 2014

53 worder and FREE download

Started editing 'How to' with a bag on my head. So far, so good.

Wrote Weekend Quickie 22 with no 'be' verb. Perhaps I'll try that in 'How to', or at least cut them down.

There's also Jasper's 'Dark Space' to download if you haven't done so already (I'm in 3rd place ATM)...

And entered a 53 word story competition, the element this month (February) is a 'palm tree', so I wrote a generic 53 worder, about a box, similiar to Elizabeth John's 'The Box' at that other site I won't mention :-)


Two feet down in the roots of the palm tree, his family's palm tree, there it was, the box.
"What's that?" asked his wife, her hard, round belly shining in the sun.
He brushed off the sand, checking the seal, still intact.
"Later, later."
Satisfied, he buried it back. For the next generation.

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