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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

'How to' Edit 2 - the cat...!?!

Yes, onto the second edit of 'How to', and it's the cat that's the driver of this one. Perhaps the book will need a map to show its 'journey' throughout the story. 5 days of walking around, searching for food, being chased by a dog, being petted to death, escaping the clutches of cannibals, etc.
Won't take too long, but then I'd like to read it all through, adding a little more detail here and there...
And then I'll submit it! Oh, happy days...the cloud of doubt hangs heavy....
Tried this website, it's meant to show you who you write like...
Paste a text in and it compares your writing style to famous authors.
So far, the list is long...
Stephen King....Stephanie Meyer...Jack London...Mark Twain...Margaret Mitchell...Edgar Allan Poe...Neil Gaiman...Lewis Carroll....8 different pieces of writing, 8 different styles...:-)
I'll keep trying, maybe one day I'll get Woolf or Adams... :-)

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