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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy Birthday, Michael!

Yesterday (or today, depending on where you live) was (is) Michael D. Pitman's birthday!
Happy Birthday, Michael!
Who is Michael? A reporter and fellow TIW participant. He partnered me in the TIW Grduge Match which got me into the Winter Equinox Final..which I finally become a finalist for the TIW Autumn Open. We have also shared many chats and laughed at many TIW jokes together...yes, there's a small 'Closed' TIW world out there, growing daily, where we just have fun!
So, in celebration of Michael's birthday, Weekend Quickie 27 (found here) was in his's my take :-)

Michael's Omission

( 200 words : image - woman sitting on bed with a bear, element - a handsome newspaperman’s birthday, emotion - a feeling of anxiety brought on by the omission of a comma)

"Another job well done," smiled the handsome newspaperman as he stood up to get his coat. It was his birthday and all was well with the world. It had been a productive day, sharing out muffins in the morning to his colleagues, interviewing a famous local artist with the paper's smelly photographer Ted who'd almost got attacked by said artist's pet 6 foot grizzly bear when he'd bent over at an inopportune moment, handing the story in on time for the evening's print, sorting out the backlog of emails he'd amassed from neglect, and finally getting rid of that awful coffee stain from the edge of his computer's monitor. Now he could go home to his loving wife and fabulous children to celebrate with a slice of cake.
"Happy Birthday, Mike!" said Ted, handing him the paper's evening front broadsheet and laughing.
"Thanks, Ted." Mike's smile wavered as he noticed that the whole office was watching him, laughing. Turning the broadsheet over, he saw the wonderful photograph of the interviewed artist sitting on a bed with her bear, but his joy turned to anxiety once he read the headline. 'Local artist finds inspiration in stewing her bear and other pets'.

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