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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Thanks to (7): Zeltesh & GreenleafT22

As I've said before, there have been SOOO many people retweeting my tweets that it would be impossible to individually thank you
Looking through the long, long list of wonderful people (I wanted to write everyone down long is a piece of string?), 2 people kept appearing...

@Zeltesh "Imma insane, glomping, & stalker person thingy! YAY!! :D"
He has a youtube account here, too, I think. He's a cool gamer :-) 
THANK YOU, Zeltesh!

@greenleafT22...seems to have disappeared from Twitter, but I found some photos on
I'm guessing GreenleafT22 is a writer/artist?...hang on...there's a picture of someone holding a book...
"Untold" by Sarah Rees Brennan...
It's a picture from Kassie Cline on Twitter...
Sarah Rees Brennan...Here's her website..
Oh, this is like some little treasure hunt :-) ...Sarah Ress Brennan on Twitter.
I have absolutely no idea who greenleafT22 is, but THANK YOU!

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