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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Politicians cheat you - OFFICIAL

Some people's votes are more equal than others. You have the same number of votes, one, but if you don't vote for the overall winner in your area, your vote means nothing, it is lost, gone.
In Hungary, the election used to be a 2-level deal, the 1st round was to vote for who wins in your area, the 2nd round was to vote for the party. The 2nd was based on 'Proportional Representation' (PR) but was only a minor part of the whole system. Now, the 2nd round was abolished as soon as Fidesz got in last time, the EU frowned on it, but there is still a little bit of Proportional Representation in deciding the final number of seats for a party, don't know how... BUT...let's have a look at the votes and seats of the 2014 Hungarian a few other figures..

No, of seats (%)
% of seats
% of total votes
No. of seats based

on Votes (Prop Rep)

MSZP-Egyutt (etc)

There were also 4.69% of votes for other parties, that's 7 seats!
Munkaspart, A Haza Nem Elado and SMS would each get 1 seat each, with the other 4 seats left over for the other 11 parties to squabble over.

Proportional Representation represents the votes of a country's citizens, no other system does. on....

John Cleese once did a video on Proportional Representation many years back...
Here it is! - shorter one here...
In the UK in 1983, the Liberals got almost the same % of votes as Labour, but got 1/10th of the seats.

Back then, I thought it was logical to use Proportional Representation, seeing as the system used was and now still is based on the old 'Rotten Borough' system from the 19th century, but now I see the REAL point!

Without Proportional Representation, if you don't vote for the winner, your vote doesn't count. Your opinion doesn't count towards the running of your country. By ignoring Proportional Representation, Politicians are not only cheating voters out of their votes, they are also CHEATING their citizens out of their opinions and rights as citizens.
Politicians are meant to be working for the citizens, politicians are meant to be servants to the citizens ...without Proportional Representation, Politicians are working for themselves, citizens are servants to them.

Get rid of the 'Rotten Borough' system and politicians might start to represent the views and opinions of their citizens.

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