Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hots Rats - Zappa (Blogging from A-Z Challenge April 2014)

 'H' can only be....

'Hot Rats'! This was the second instrumental album from Zappa but the first I listened to. I wondered where the hell he'd been, and why wasn't he more well-known. Then I realised that it was the record companies who 'owned' the public's ears and minds, and that there was a whole load of fantastic music that you never get to hear. For example, Zappa. Not about drugs, not about silly lyrics, Zappa was seriously having fun!
Here's 'Hot Rats', all of it :-)


  1. Hi! Just incase you're not aware, the youtube clips you're posting cannot be viewed here in the UK. They've been blocked due to copyright issues.


  2. Well, thanks for that, R. I'll put a 'WARNING' on my future posts...
    "WARNING: Those in the UK may have to buy the album" (hehe)